Book The Workshop Anytime You Want!

*Don’t have to follow the guild.

Book The Workshop Anytime You Want!

*Don’t have to follow the guild.



The Spring Festival, commonly known as Chinese New Year. It carries a rich historical and cultural heritage in the inheritance and development. During the Spring Festival, various celebrations of the New Year are held throughout the country, and the atmosphere of lively and festive atmosphere is overflowing. These activities are rich in style, including the old and the new, the welcoming of the ancestors, the worship of the ancestors, and the praying for the harvest.

Dumplings Making
& Tasting Workshop

Discover the traditions of Chinese food and culture through learning how to make and taste dumplings step by step. Chinese dumpling is generally consists of minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped into a piece of dough skin.

*Any food allergies or special dietary requirements need to have informed us in advance!


Dragon Dance

This is a group dance style; it is usually required at least 10 people to dance together in each dragon team. It is a perfect activity for build-up teamwork skills.

Lion Dance

This is a fun and skillful dance style, which combined martial arts and performing arts. Require two people in each lion costume, one plays head, the other one plays body and tail.

Ribbon Dance

Ribbon dance is developed from Chinese Opera, it is a colorful and fun dance style, always the most popular one in any age groups. There are different length of the ribbons suitable for different age groups. (from 2m to 10m)

Fan & Handkerchief Dance

Dancing handkerchief and fan are inspired by Chinese acrobatics, this is a challenging and playful style by learning how to make the handkerchief spinning on finger and in air.

Art & Craft

Calligraphy Painting

Calligraphy painting is a form of Chinese traditional painting. The original paintings are only using water and ink, black and white, but as well as colorful flowers and birds in the contemporary calligraphy paintings. This is a very creative workshop, everybody will be creating a unique painting. We provide all of the materials including non-toxic paints, brushes and aprons.

Window Paper - Cut

Paper cutting is one of the tradition activities for Chinese new year, it is now developed into an art form. Through pasting window paper-cuts, people decorate their home to show their joy, happiness and good intentions. It is a magic to know how to turn a piece of paper into designed shapes. Of course, safety scissors will be provided for this workshop.

Spring festival couplets

Spring Festival couplets workshop will teach you how to write in Chinese characters and the skills of using calligraphy brush to write, as well as to learn how to write couplets, developing and improving your writing skills.